Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just a little update (long overdue maybe?!)

I know I haven't been on here in quite a while :(
Been spending a bit more time on twitter these days and trying to do a bit more positive stuff (by all means if you're on twitter you can find me at @fronbow).

Also been trying to get back into web development, slowly! Did my bro's website and still tweaking it, then decided to re-start my own website so I've been messing with that lol.

It's a WordPress blog as I wanted to test how it works and that! Though coming back here to find google've changed the UI - is it a coincidence that it feels a bit like a WP setup?!

I'm still debating whether to export my ramblings from here to there.

Other than that, still depressed - even more so cos it's my birthday on friday :(
Though I am getting a new phone cos my current one is dying rapidly - it's not holding any charge (even with a spare battery).

Hope you're all ok or as ok as can be, and if you want any web help I'm around as usual!