Saturday, 11 June 2011

Boots (the chemist) left me in disbelief recently

I've grown quite partial to their meal deals and their duck in hoisin wrap, but as I made my way to the till I saw it.

All the 'trash' mags were where you queue up, so you're bombarded by all these magazines telling you to diet (and not just women's mags, there was a few men's mags there too). Then, if you survive that onslaught and are waiting for the till number to be called, you get bombarded by sweet things (chocolate and such).

If I'd have had more time I would have tried to speak to the floor manager just to find out why they've set it up like that.

But if anyone is passing Boots on Fargate/High St in Sheffield then
  1. be wary if you want to purchase anything at the main tills
  2. see if you can find out any good reason for it
I would've expected better of Boots

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