Friday, 10 June 2011

Playing catchup

Hey all

I've been meaning to post all week but the days seem to have all merged into one :(
I'm now 2 weeks in to taking Sertraline and they don't seem to have made any difference, though I am getting different side-effects to the citalopram. Spent a few hours yesterday afternoon in the garden with my dad which was nice for us both - he's been more understanding lately.

Had some nice conversations on twitter -- I've been there quite a lot lately, in fact I seem to have made some nice 'friends' from Sheffield. They organise a pub crawl once a month called #cocktailcrawl which I said I would attend (BIG test for anxiety!). I've also been chatting with a fair few sheffield creatives/geeks which has opened up some possible social interactions.

So, despite feeling like I've spent far to much on the computer this week, it could have been my most productive week yet - we shall see!

Just getting ready to pick Ollie up

Hope you are all well and smiley :)

martin xx


  1. sertraline takes time, and building up the dose over time.
    but it WILL work. xx

  2. Aw yey this monthly pub crawl sounds like it'll be a right laugh and SO good for getting out slowly :) xxx

  3. Medication changes are HARD.
    I struggle like hell with them.
    Breath, remember to believe in yourself and know you are in my thoughts xxx

  4. Thanks ladies :)
    You are all in my thoughts too xxx