Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Time ticks on

Had a reasonably productive day today...well I left the house for a few hours....yay!

Went to the doc's but it was really busy (it's also the walk-in centre for Sheffield so it does get rather busy some days!). I made an appointment to say the doc for next week - gives me something I need to do next week.

I opened a letter I'd been dreading opening. Turned out it wasn't bad but had a giro in it. -- at the moment I have this thing where I don't open letters cos I know they're all bad credit demands. Half of me knows this, half of me is all ostrich like (head in the sand hoping it goes away). I need to get up to speed on all my debts though, however it hinders my mood.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, gots to get up dead early to keep an appointment for 9am. Not looking forward to hearing anymore bad stuff but at least then it'll soon be over, just need to get over the anxiety of appearing in court then...still having nightmares about passing out...not good :(

Still overly addicted to CityVille in facebook :( I joined some of the other ~Ville games but keep forgetting about them; nearly bought SimCity in Game today as well, but thought against it due to the amount of time I used to spend playing it!!

BST has messed up my body clock, or is it that my body clock hasn't adjusted yet?!! Been having to force myself to bed most nights lately cos I'm still awake at 3am...starting to get panda eyes/zombiefied eyes again I think.

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