Thursday, 7 April 2011

Arrrgggghhhhh, damn damn damn damn damn...

Typical, bloody typical :(
Missed both appointments today. The first one, ok, fair enough, the thought of it stressed me out way too much. But I actually wanted to go to the second one :(

I was doing so well, then at 11am my head started pounding really bad so I thought I'll have a lie down instead of taking more codeine (cos I think I may be addicted to it again). Bad idea. Just woke up at 2:15pm. So now I have an appointment on Monday at 9:20, at least I'll be up cos I have Ollie.

hmmm, maybe this could work to my advantage....need to work it into some kind of routine on Monday so that we're not on the computer all day...


  1. you could take him swimming! most kids love swimming! :)

  2. True, although I, on the other hand hate swimming :(