Friday, 1 April 2011

Another week done and dusted

As weeks go, this was possibly my most productive in a long time!

I managed to open a letter instead of putting it on the pile of unopened letters; did I mention I have this thing about opening letters that look like bad news :(

I am no longer on bail, just got a caution, no court appearance. Yay!

I saw Ollie for a bit on Wednesday, it was his parents thing so he got to show me how good he's doing at school. Still can't believe that in September he wasn't doing cursive (we used to call it joined up writing!) and now he is, and his style is really good - not messy at all.

Went out last night, for the first time possibly since xmas. Saw a mate's missus' band. It was nice to be out, but I felt really nervous the whole time; nervously checking the people around me all the time :(

Made an appointment to see the doc next week.
Although I do have a hospital appointment that I don't want to go to - sick of intrusive tests that I know won't yield any results (had it before and it caused more trouble for me).

I'm taking Ollie to see Hop tomorrow - I want to see it (of course!), and I think he'll like it too cos it's by the same people who did 'Despicable Me' and 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'. Plus I don't want another wasted Saturday playing games on the computer.

If I could just master having more than one meal a day, that would be a big step: it's the whole self-respect thing - I don't see myself as fanciable or that I have a chance of getting a girlfriend so certain things that 'normal' people do just seem to be demoted in my mind. Like it's me against the world again.
But the world is still winning.

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