Monday, 11 April 2011

Not a good start to the week

Went to the doctor's for my appointment. Ollie stayed at home and did some gardening with Grandad.
It turns out I've got 2 small stones in my right kidney and a small cyst in my left kidney. But my kidney's are still functioning okay, so it can't be all bad.
Need to get in touch with Urology to see what the next step is, and possibly get my doctor to intervene because she doesn't agree with some of their methods!!
Got some more stronger co-codamol and need to cut down the caffeine intake :(

Ollie's been a bit of a handful all day...well, testing me a lot. So, tomorrow I need to take him away from the house so that he can see that I'm the boss, not him! (little terror sometimes).

I seem to have caught a very chesty cough - I thought it was hayfever, but I don't think hayfever makes you cough up gunk?

Just catching up with CityVille while hopefully my little monkey is asleep

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon.
    Physical stuff like this can take a real toll on our mood...
    Getting out of the house sounds fun and I hope you have a lovely time with Ollie xxxx