Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How was I supposed to know we had a cap on the BT connection

Dear Mum,
I'm sorry I exceeded the bandwidth on the net connection within 5 days of connecting to BT. The cap was 10Gb per month, but I'm not sure I've downloaded that much. And anyway, I didn't think anyone enforced caps anymore. Wish you'd have told me there was a cap and not just sung the praises of it being 'cheap'. Damn you small print.


So now she's not happy with my computer usage, or my electrical usage either. And my dad wants me to move my computer into the bedroom cos he thinks he can just decorate the attic if my computer isn't here - I don't think he's seen how much other stuff is up here...this is causing me some stress as I don't deal too well with change at the moment, or (come to think of it) some people telling me how I should live or cope or whatever.
Today I even contemplated looking at council houses, but then got scared because of the change and the outgoings compared to my incomings.

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