Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My kidneys are killing me but....

Had a fair few nice times recently, thanks to Chantelle and Charlene. It's nice to find people on a similar level to hang around with. I have so much love and respect for you both.
What is nice is to be around people like me, we all have our problems but it doesn't matter, I feel more relaxed because we all know each other's battles. Oh, and we have fun, which is seriously lacking unless Ollie is around as I don't feel like a fun person when I'm on my's usually a "me against the world (and the world is winning)" feeling.

So yes, my kidney's are killing me [Just checked my blog cos my memory is really crap sometimes and if I hadn't blogged it I wouldn't be able to remember], but I'm getting some horrible pain in my left kidney which I though was where the stones were...wrong! that's where the cyst is :(
Yesterday I was pretty much comatosed from the amount of painkillers I had in my system, and I've already had 3 this morning (I think).

I've got Ollie tomorrow, just hope I can survive the train journey to pick him up. As soon as I move around I get pain and it was odd cos the other night we were drinking and I had no pain whatsoever until I started walking home, it was so bad I didn't stop at McDonalds (it's a ritual after a night out to get a savers burger and fries and a mcflurry).

I need to hunt down the letter from the hospital.

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