Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Back to my version of "normality"

Settled back into my 'normality' after a week with Ollie. :(
We had some good times and a fair few arguments - not big stuff, just clashes over certain things.
We spent most of the time playing on the computer; I got FIFA11 for the pc and another xbox controller so that we could play against each other - still didn't manage to wean him off a certain MMO though!
He was very cuddly at bedtimes too, and there was a few mornings where he got up at human times instead of silly o'clock in the morning, which was nice.

I haven't got him now till a week on Thursday so I'm feeling a bit lonely again and in need of some company. My parents, bless 'em, don't provide that, everything they're good at, but my mental health (to them) is something I need to 'snap out of'. It's funny cos sometimes it feels like they understand and then other times they're back to the 'you need to get out more' or 'take vitamins' as if they will magickally cure me.

And I seem to have developed a nasty chesty cough/infection since Ollie left, so I'm back to not sleeping properly at night again. Yesterday I went for a walk down town - I'm not sure why, but more often than not when I'm around lots of people I get the worst headaches ever. So today I stayed in and just coughed all day :(

Still wishing I could be in a relationship (stupid? I know)
[I'm sure the meds make my libido flit from one extreme to the other]

On a sidenote I've hardly played WoW this week - though I have become slightly addicted to some games on facebook (that's the reason why I hated fb ages ago!!)

Woe is life!!

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