Thursday, 12 May 2011

Back from the doctor's

So it was worth the wait, and the wait was bloody annoying for the first 2 hours. Couple of toddlers testing their mum's, and said mum's were shouting (or speaking so loud - it was hard to tell) instead of trying to engage with their kids.

Anyway I digress, turns out my CBT worker woman sent a message to my doctor to let her know that CBT wasn't working for me so I should try some voluntary work or workshops. Now, voluntary work doesn't appeal at all, if anything I think it would make me hate people even more, though I suppose it would depend on what kind of work it was. Workshops appeal to me more, though it sounds like some of them involve some kind role play in front of people - and I still have bad memories about doing that in Uni, in front of friends lol.

We're also changing my medication. I'm moving from 40mg Citalopram to something else beginning with C - I was concentrating more on how I need to reduce my dosage by 10mg per week so that I can start on the new ones which start at 25mg and go up to 100mg.

I also learned that Venlafaxine (I used to be on these) can't be prescribed without a psychiatric referral - my old doctor just prescribed them without that....bad doctor!
And also that they shouldn't prescribe a higher dosage of Citalopram without a psychiatric referral either - I seem to remember hearing this before that 40mg was the most they could prescribe and 60+mg was only prescribed if you were under psychiatric supervision or somesuch.
So the next few weeks looks interesting, just hope I don't get any lower than I am really, though as always my doctor did say to go back if I felt worse.
I do like my doctor's, they're good cos they're the first surgery I've been at that actually care, and they explain why they do what they do. Not to mention it's open 8am - 10pm every day, 365 days a year (I thought they closed for xmas). It's a walk-in centre too, so if you can't wait for an appointment you can always wait as a walk-in patient.

I also need to be re-referred back to the hospital about my kidney's. Originally it was my right kidney that was giving me all the pain, but recently it's my left one (where the cyst is). My doc thinks it could be inflamed so to keep taking the codeine until the hospital get back in touch.

So, now, while I'm waiting for workshops to happen, I need to try and regain/re-learn some social skills - anyone fancy helping?!!

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