Friday, 6 May 2011

A meeting of minds

Just another one of them random thoughts I'd like to release.

I am quite humbled to be in a small community (my dear followers and friends) of like minded individuals who all share the commonality of having been touched by mental "disorder". I was just thinking whether it would be good or bad to be able to collaborate as it seems the majority of medical help doesn't seem to do the job?
I know from my own thought sharing and reading your lovely comments, and also reading your amazing blogs that we do seem to be helping each other in a kind of fragmented way.

Would a closed blog or facebook group be a good idea to share our life experiences aside from our blogs be a worthy idea. I'm not thinking to replace our blogs, but more a place to offer each other help and support from our own respective experiences?

Just a thought



  1. Are you in any support groups?
    When I moved services to the adult services and was essentially left alone, I found an OCD one in Belfast, and they have been bloody wonderful. I've only been to two meetings so far, but my god, I really, really wish I'd gone to one before.
    I'd really recommend it if you could find one where you live, they help me, and I help the people there- and it really, really benefits everyone.

  2. No I'm not, so thank you I will look into this :)